Full HD Digital SLR & Mini-DV

If you need the full range of pre-production skills I can create the concept, write the script, draw the storyboards and audition the talent.

During production I can light the scene, direct the talent, record the audio and shoot the footage. Of course if you only need some of these services I do play well with others.

Digital Editor

video & photography editor

From the simplest retouching of blemishes in a still photo to editing a complex montage of video images, editing is one of those skills that if it is done well you usually shouldn't notice it.

Basic image editing can also involve simply transferring images from physical form to digital.

3D Animator

Logos, titles & more

Maybe you're looking for a 3D version of your logo, or graphics and titles for a project.

Perhaps you have an object you want modelling and/or animated. 3D is becoming increasingly popular because there is no doubt that 3D brings another... er, uh... dimension to a project.